As a result of the recent financial crisis, many Canadian consumers and businesses have faced economic hardship. For families and individuals, this had lead to an increased reliance on credit, creating an environment where consumer debt has reached record levels. Many small businesses have faced similar challenges and must now address issues pertaining to mounting liabilities and tax delinquency.

At Rabideau Law, our insolvency specialists are experienced in dealing with creditors and the Canada Revenue Agency to negotiate the reduction or elimination of your outstanding debt and tax liabilities. We work with families, individuals, and small to mid-sized businesses to provide innovative, customized solutions to get results quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Using our extensive knowledge of the banking, financial, and legal system in Canada our dedicated firm, Rabideau Debt Law, is able to facilitate the elimination or reduction of debt held by both individuals and corporations. Our team has the resources and experience to help you take advantage of government programs available to reduce or eliminate debt while allowing the remaining balance (if any) to be repaid at zero interest rate over a fixed term of affordable monthly payments.

Protection from Creditors

When you become a Rabideau Debt Law client, our team goes to work immediately to protect you from the actions of creditors. We offer strong, reliable legal protection for you and your family to safeguard your assets – including your home, vehicles, investments and savings – against repossession, foreclosure or other legal actions.

Protection from the Canada Revenue Agency

When you owe money to the government, it can feel as if you have nowhere to run. With Rabideau Debt Law, you don’t need to – our legal experts can protect you from the Canada Revenue Agency as well!

Confidential Representation

If you or your company is burdened by debt or tax liability problems, having the benefit of confidential legal representation can mean the difference between financial ruin and surviving with your finances intact.

Removal of Liens

When creditors place a lien on your property, personal or real, it means they have the legal right to auction or otherwise sell said property in order to recover some or all of the money that is owed. By barring any future or existing liens Rabideau Debt Law can ensure the protection of your assets.

Reversal of Garnishments

When a garnishee is placed upon your personal wages and or the profits of your business this means that your creditors have received a judgment allowing them to automatically deduct a portion of your earnings in order to satisfy the debt owed. With Rabideau Debt Law you can rest assured that your earnings will remain intact.

Unfreeze Bank Accounts

If your personal and/or business bank accounts have been frozen as a result of action on the part of your creditors, Rabideau Debt Law can unfreeze those accounts immediately to ensure that you have access to those resources.

Prevent Judgments and Lawsuits

In cases where your creditors and/or suppliers are threatening legal action, or where a judgment has already been awarded, Rabideau Debt Law has the ability to not only cancel those judgments but also prevent any future judgments and lawsuits at the behest of your creditors.

Stop Collection Calls

One of the most troubling aspects of debt is the harassing phone calls that can result. Rabideau Debt Law can take action to guarantee that the collections calls will cease immediately, and permanently.

For more information on how we can help you – Visit our dedicated Law Firm’s page at Rabideau Debt Law.