When it comes to building a company from scratch, most entrepreneurs create a list of goals they hope to accomplish within a certain time frame. One of the biggest and frequent goals is to achieve consistent growth.

Here are five critical points you should consider when expanding your business:

1. Determine your value proposition

When deciding where to expand, you need to determine whether your services are unique and valuable within prospective markets.

2. Learn to replicate the business model

Attempting to take a formula and transfer it to a new city can be a daunting, but necessary, task to ensuring a successful acquisition. It’s essential for an established business model to be secured early on and a new destination selected where the business has the ability to flourish.

3. Find a cultural fit

When searching for a business to acquire, examine closely the team, even more so than the company’s client base. Finding people who could embrace and foster your company culture is necessary for the acquisition to succeed. To that end, it’s important to focus on the experience of team members and ensure their skills are compatible with the company’s stated mission and core values. Acquisitions tend to fail more often because of the incompatibility of both organizations’ cultures.

4. Decide whether to build or buy.

When considering an acquisition, both parties involved may wonder if it’s better to grow organically or completely merge with another firm. It’s important to weigh the options.

5. Believe it will happen

Growing a company in a new market can be a terrifying, yet exciting, process with many lucrative benefits. When going through the acquisition process, it’s important to believe it will work. Most successful entrepreneurs realize that when you grow anxious over the minor details, you can lose sight of why you’re making the deal in the first place. It’s best to follow your gut and have faith.